Explore The Top Major Updates And Changes In Google Ads For 2023

In general, 2022 has proved the importance and every opportunity of PPC to everyone. Many small & medium businesses have been pushed a lot this year through shifting consumer behaviours, skyrocketing inflation, and supply chain disruptions. In this way, Google also made some moves and changes of its own.

Through this guide, you can explore the top major updates and changes in Google Ads for 2023. Going through it, you can get a complete idea of the impact of Google ads in 2023.

Biggest Google Ads Updates And Changes You Need To Know:

Check out below to know everything about the biggest updates and changes in Google Ads for 2023:

  • Increase In Cost Per Lead

According to the Google Ads benchmarks report, around 91% of industries have faced an increase in CPL – Cost Per Lead. The average overall increase in cost per lead is 19%. Then furniture, travel and arts/entertainment industries faced an increase of around 54%, 69% and 134%, respectively.

The data above suggests some essential factors, like ads displaying for low commercial intent queries and high costs due to inflations, have led to a thorough decrease in conversion rates. When the conversion rates decrease, there will be an increase in cost per lead.

  • Finance, Travel & Auto Get New Ad Types

Several industries have faced adjustments in their strategies for the past two years, such as pandemic restrictions, economic turbulence and supply chain issues. Changes to Google ads also have both positives and negatives.

For instance, Google has rolled out many specific ad formats for particular verticals to help industries adjust according to changing requirements.

Google also introduced vehicle listing ads to help car dealerships highlight the used and new cards they have on their lots. The vehicle listing ads are featured at the top of the search engine result page. Then it will highlight the car’s price, image, location and condition.

  • Google Ads Editor v1.8

Google Ads Editor v1.8 is the latest editor. It has the extraordinary option to auto-apply campaign recommendations where you can opt-out of this feature. In addition, the overview page in this editor lets you preview actionable insights and account performance.

Google Ads Editor is the most effective platform that lets you be efficient and productive in managing campaigns. It also gives you the necessary control to change campaigns according to the existing position where you need to reach.

For example, an eCommerce start-up looking to attract an audience in a particular region has yet to learn what kind of messages would best communicate the services.

They will share different messages according to the keyword searches. The latest editor offered a real-time summary of related insights, messages and performance on the overview page.

  • Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is the best smart sales platform to boost in-store and online sales. The Google feature lets you track many micro-moments of consumer behaviour. When users are interested in an in-store visit, then this tool can automatically track it. It can effectively accelerate in-store sales.

Google is the perfect solution for making all decisions for searching places and online purchases. The tool can easily track real-time changes in consumer behaviour, whether they are interested in buying from the physical store location or online. Finally, entrepreneurs can use smart bidding for dual perks such as ecommerce sales and optimising in-store visits.

Retail eCommerce advertisers and entrepreneurs use this tool for store sales to improve bids for in-store transactions and visits. For example, advertisers can effectively upload the transaction data of the brand in a privacy-safe manner.

You can expand store sales conversions for search and shopping campaigns in this manner.

  • Display Campaigns Made Simple

The display campaigns have been made flexible and simple through Google ads. Automating the smart display campaigns into a single display campaign can boost the performance and reach you have used till now. The automation level can find the bidding, creative and audience reach.

The advanced version of the Google ads account can showcase the tab for certain campaign construction experiences. Such a tab can offer you the proper step-by-step assistance for each part of the campaign.

The setup gives you two major choices: automation and control up front, where you can leverage to alter the automation preference without creating a separate campaign.

The campaign type option can be visible to you for some time, and you can benefit from the new features and controls by choosing the Standard display campaign in Google Ads. When the update is effective, you can find the single option of the display campaign.

  • Effective Campaigns With The Advanced Budget Report

The latest budget report feature lets you constantly check up on the campaign speed behaviour. The report sets spending limits, help you understand the budget goals and highlight the average daily budget. With this budget and report, you can find the campaign performance effectively.

Budgets are a major part of marketing strategies, but most marketers find it hard to evaluate the budget behaviour in Google ads. Daily budgets find it tricky especially. Afterwards, Google ads launched a new budget report highlighting monthly campaign spending behaviour to solve this issue.

The report will note the average daily budget of previous months, the impact on spending limits, performance, and potential monthly expenses.

  • New Ways To Manage And Optimize Conversions

When the business objective is to generate and set conversion goals, this feature can be helpful. Google can manage and optimize the campaign according to the requirements. The feature lets you align the campaign according to the conversion goals.

Google ads give you new features to manage and optimize conversions effectively and enhance performance. It offers conversion value and tag assistant tools.


From the scenario mentioned above, now you have explored the top major updates and changes in Google Ads for 2023. By knowing everything about Google ads, you can take a major decision in your business. You can also hire any leading Google ads agency for further help.