There’s a reason why most successful businesses have the most burgeoning blogs ever. In 2021, a business blog is just as relevant as a professional website. Creating blogs gives you an edge in the sales process because of the proof that customers look for before purchasing.

When first blogging started in 1994, they were more akin to personal online diaries and journals. In today’s world, blogs are more equivalent to frequently updated websites or home pages. They generally contain information about the products/ services the company offers.


Let’s discuss five significant advantages of having a thriving blog for your company.

1] Blogs maintains your social media marketing strategies.
It’s not easy to market your services and products, particularly in today’s highly competitive business environment. That is when the blog becomes useful. It allows you to represent your business in a multimedia way, keeps the audience engaged and promotes your business. Research shows that 80% of companies around the world prefer to advertise through blogs and articles.

2] Blogs boosts website SEO.
When it eventually comes to your website’s operations, they will always influence the SEO rankings too. That is an unavoidable aspect of online life. Some factors are helpful to your SEO, while others are negative, while even others are dangerous now but advantageous later (SEO is intricated!). Reinventing a company or reviving an existing one is a website takes time, but you will still benefit from a blog in the long run.

3] Blog posts can help you build your community list.
Blogs are a great way to create your company’s community list. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and potential targeted audience. You can also opt for the trick of adding freebies like downloadable content or planners, which will help in attracting people.

4] Get ahead by becoming a leading voice via blogs.
If you want to persuade your audience to buy your product, you need to build your credibility first. To have faith in a company, you must give them respect.
When you regularly post well-written and valuable blog articles on your company’s website, you help build your company’s reputation among your target audiences.

5] Your site will receive more inbound links as a result of having a blog.
According to Google, the other studies, incoming hyperlinks—incoming links from other webpages to your site—are among the three most relevant factors in search engine rankings. It’s also an effective method to get internal links to come up with valuable and exciting content. Folks would be more likely to connect to a firm that blogs have a 97% increase in the number of inbound connection sources, which means people would most likely discover you and/consider it as a customer.

If you’re interested in developing a coherent blog strategy or evaluating your current blog strategy, we invite you to plan an inbound marketing consultation with our team. We’ll address the critical metrics to monitor and how to ensure your blog plan is effective.