Content writing is a way to express your thought/views online where you can keep your point strongly to attract your visitors. Every webpage needs a specific content to attract their targeted audience.

Website content should be full of targeted keywords to rank high In Google. At DM DZIGNS we simply focus on SEO friendly, natural and professional content.

Reason to hire our content writing team

  • Versatility in writing
  • 100% Original SEO Friendly content
  • Get higher visibility in search engines
  • To make your brand Identity
  • To save your time and improve your readership
  • Create CTAs to inspire your audience


If you are looking for one stop destination for all your content writing needs, we are the best source for all kind of web content. We are providing these web writing services:

Blog writing

Blogs have become an essential part of every business these days .Around 75% of users surfing online for a single thing head to toe. Blog is the best way to attract traffic to our website. We have highly educated and skilled blog writers to establish the voice of our brand through their writing. You can connect with potential customers through your quality blog content.

Web page content

Attractive website writing is the key to hit your competitors in search engine results. Our web page content writers write the content keeping the audience in mind, Structure your content like a pyramid or cone, focus on simple and easy sentences.

Educational article

Educational articles focused on informational writings that tell, educate and inform awareness to readers. Our content writers choose a specific topic as per your requirement, collect researched stuffs and take the advice from the specific teacher of that subject before writing.

Press release

Press release is known as short, convincing news story. Our PR professional target to a specific members of the media. Our Company agenda behind press release is to attract the awareness of a journalist or publication. A press release holds all the vital information (who? what? where? when? how? and most importantly why?).

Product descriptions

What is the need of product descriptions?

Product description is the part of the product listing that tells you what the product is and what it does.
Besides describing the product, it explains how the product is useful to our consumer. Our content writers illustrate the product description in such a way that a customer convinced to buy that product.

Social media posts

Our content writers focuses on research, speak up with their own language, keep the sentences short and simple while writing a social media post. A company can increase their social media presence by doing regular social media post on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram.

How to promote your business in social media:
  1. Create Infographics, images, etc.
  2. Create high-quality images
  3. Create short eye-catching videos
  4. Record audio for podcast
  5. Create/edit VR images and videos suitable to post on social media sites like Instagram
  6. Host high-quality webinars with the ability to broadcast our event to Facebook or YouTube.